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Our Story • Iron Wing Ranch


Charlene Sherman & Marc Ferrin, were best friends.  When asked to comment on, how or when this developed, we look toward each other, smile.


Sometimes on Earth, people meet and feel as if they have known each other before. This is the way with Marc and Charlene.  "Beyond our own understanding !", is how Marc puts it.  Having met many thousands of people through my years, there are only two sets of eyes I have looked into and from the first moment, felt true love.


The first was my angel child, Jordan Ferrin.  Jordan is ten years old, and forever will be Marcs first love.


Just two months after Dr. Marc closed his clinics in Washington State, and he met Charlene. I felt her before I saw her, he says. I felt him walk into the room, turned around and there he was, she chimes. And so, they both seem to believe that they have returned to each other; spirit and soul being brought together again.


Now, since late 2010, Marc, Charlene and Jordan have been blessed to enjoy many acres of forest, ridge, trail and creek with their horses and each other.  After thoughtful prayer and contemplation it has been made clear that for the time this enchanted place is under the oversight of Marc and Charlene, we are obliged to share the blessings.


Each day passing shows change- whether it be leaf or creek, sunset or moon rise.  This land we call Iron Wing Ranch has quickly become sanctuary and harbor for those who visit.  The joy of walking our life path is amplified as we share the opportunity to friends, and new found friends. The smiles and joy bring new breath to us and to those near.


When visiting IWR, we encourage adults and children alike to spend some time listening to the water pass over the several falls. To spend some time listening to the wind pass through the woods and fields. To spend some time not just looking, but seeing - all around them.  And to spend some time on and around the horses, who give to us, all they have to offer; and words cannot.

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