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Angels for Autism

Our Angels for Autism therapeutic riding program started with a simple mission: connecting horses to individuals with special needs to improve their quality of life. Our program allows people with special needs the opportunity to receive the immensely powerful therapy that horses provide. Horse therapy provides a bond for individuals who struggle to create human connections, which improves their ability to communicate and connect with others. It also provides a form of physical therapy, strengthening muscles not often used. Through our fundraising events and our "angels", we are able to provide this service free of charge to any individuals who come to us.


When was the last time you were inspired? When I am asked, I say "Connecting horses to individuals with special needs to improve their quality of life." With all sincerity, truth is... those who come to us for horse therapy are our teachers. These valiant spirits bless us more than we ever bless them!


Connection is the final element that holds everything together! Individuals with autism in particular, are pining, and begging for connections to humans, animals, and anything that makes them feel love. The connections are even more intense for them. They are in their own world of protection, sometimes even for past hurts, and it is up to us as kind human beings to "connect" and heal the wounds of the past and present with LOVE.
After many years of therapeutic horse riding and connecting individuals with horses, I was inspired to begin the 

Angels for Autism Hoof-a-Thon


"Those who give shall have all things."
Be a foundational pattern, and join us in service to our friends, family, peers, and community.
Become inspired! 
Be an "angel" and support an individual with autism!

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